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Ideas for Fair Trade Activities in Schools

Fashion show modelling Fair Trade clothes

fair trade fashion showThere are normally plenty of budding models in a school.

And those who don’t want to strut their funky stuff on the catwalk can help out with the hair and makeup,lighting, music, announcing… in fact there’s enough for the whole school to be involved.

Just don’t let the teachers get away without a turn on the catwalk!

There are various Fair Trade shops and manufacturers who are usually very happy tolend clothes to groups running a Fair Trade fashion show.
A toolkit with everything you need to know to run a successful fashion show is available from the Wales Fair Trade Forum

Fairtrade football / rugby / basketball match using Fairtrade balls

Fair Trade sports balls are now available from Traidcraft, among others. You could organise a competition using Fair Trade balls between different school teams, or different schools.

Boys vs. girls, mixed years, staff vs. pupils.

Just use your imagination!

Ultimately try to make sure that all the sports balls in the schools are Fair Trade.

Quiz evening with Fair Trade refreshments

A quiz evening is always good fun, whether it is for pupils and staff, or families and friends as well.

You could serve Fair Trade refreshments and include a round on Fair Trade to see how much everyone really knows! See for ideas for questions.

Set up a Fair Trade café

Some schools have turned one of the classrooms into a stylish Fair Trade café for a week.

Pupils can chill out with a Fair Trade coffee or hot chocolate and munch on delicious Fair Trade cakes and biscuits.

You can put up displays in the café about Fair Trade too. It’s a brilliant project to introduce business skills, and there is huge amounts of fun to be had sorting out the decor, music, marketing…

A ‘howto’ guide is available from the Wales Fair Trade Forum.

Fair Trade cookery club

ice cream with fair trade chocolateGreat fun whether it’s a once off event or a regular meeting, during lessons, lunch time or after school.

Get together to try recipes and invent new ones using Fair Trade ingredients!

Produce a Fair Trade recipe book

Well, it seems a shame to keep all those lovely new Fair Trade recipes to yourselves!

Fair Trade baking competition

A great way to get people baking using Fair Trade ingredients, even if you can’t meet together regularly.

And inviting people to come and judge the results is bound to be a popular occasion!

Fair Trade cake sale

If there’s anything left after the judging (or if you’re not feeling competitive) you could always sell the cakes and give the money to an overseas development charity such as Oxfam or Christian Aid.

Fair Trade going even further.

Murder mystery party with Fair Trade meal

There are plenty of box sets for murder mystery evenings based around meals. Just substitute the original ingredients for Fair Trade equivalents.

Running a Fair Trade stall

Fairtrade snacks, goods, even clothes and jewellery. If your school doesn’t have one yet then you could try setting one up. Either contact your local Fair Trade wholesaler

Do drama about Fair Trade during assembly.

Drama can be a very effective way of getting across a message. You can get scripts from this website.

Organise a Fair Trade debate

Not everyone thinks Fair Trade is a good thing.

Find someone in the school who is prepared to argue against it and hold a public debate.

Then let the audience decide whether or not it is a good thing? If you can’t find genuine opponents you can probably find plenty of dodgy arguments against Fair Trade on the internet!

Fair Trade Easter egg hunt

Who says it has to be for primary school kids?!

Fair Trade treasure hunt

A year round alternative to the Easter egg hunt.

You can set the clues to lead on a trail around the school and have Fair Trade treats hidden along the way, or given as prizes at the end.

You can even include some Fair Trade facts in the clues.

Make a Fairtrade banner

The making is as important as having a banner to display at the end of it. A brilliant project for the art department, or a particular class.

You could present it to your local Fair Trade group when it’s finished.

Fair Trade wine tasting evening

Should encourage attendance at parent’s evening…

Fair Trade chocolate tasting

Any excuse!

Fair Trade sock hurling contest

Marks & Spencer now sell Fair Trade cotton socks and Tshirts.

But I bet no one has tested how far a pair of Fair Trade socks can be thrown when bunched into a ball!Everyone who enters must have their own pair of Fair Trade socks.

Let’s get a Waleswide competition going!

Get your school uniform available in Fairtrade cotton

There’s no reason why any school uniform shouldn’t be made in Fairtrade cotton.

You can find details on suppliers of Fairtrade cotton, and manufacturers of Fairtrade cotton clothes from the Fairtrade Foundation.

Sponsored Fair Trade tea bath

In the UK we drink 163 million cups of tea a day! So on average each person in the UK drinks 900 cups a year.

That’s around 225 litres. More than enough to fill a bath. And if you put your baths on wheels you could race them too…

The school’s name in Fair Trade toffee

You can make toffee in any shape.

Why not make it using Fair Trade sugar and make the school’s name. Or make the town’s name and present it to the Mayor.

Then you could divide up the letters and work out how many the sugar producers would get as a proportion of the supermarket price of sugar.